Essay menace copying exam

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258 Words Essay on Examinations System in India

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XAT is one of the many b-school entrance exams in India. Although the syllabus and the pattern of all these exams are almost same, one thing that differentiates XAT from others is the essay that students have to write.

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Jun 01,  · Perhaps the most classic form of cheating on an exam is taking a quick peek at the exam of the person sitting next to you or in front of you. Oftentimes it's easy to see answers in the corner of your eye and the teacher seldom notices. Some even write down full answers on pieces of paper.

Some carry their answers to the toilet and leave the slips of paper there. In the course of the examination they go to the toilet and consult the sheets to locate the correct answers. At Universities also cheating is a common practice.

It is often accompanied by violence. Directions: Carefully read the essay exam topics and choose the one topic that interests you the most.

Next, type a five-paragraph essay of at least words or more.

Essay menace copying exam
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Chinese Imperial Examination System